Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Literature On Counting Blessings

A Greeting And Introduction

Hello, readers. I hope you've all been well, provided you are all good people.  ;))  Joke.  Good wishes to you.  This is a long entry, but each section is titled so you can discriminate the type of update you want.

I think that Einstein's Theory of how the fabric of space-time can bend and fold between two different points in the present and future, has become a personal truth to me rather than a removed scientific fact. I don't know if you feel the same way, but at the snap of a finger, it's the future already, as though someone took a different blog entry of mine 3 years ago and sloppily folded that moment over to now like bad origami. All of a sudden BAM, here's Johny and it's showtime folks, 2015!  What happened? All good though.

I want you to be aware that I'm aware of how long this project is taking.  What was originally supposed to be a year has turned in to 5, going on 6 years.  But also try to think about it this way: this project involves a story, which was always the intention.  As a general rule, the longer stories get, the more interesting they tend to be. Not fully, but generally.  In some ways I have no doubt that these delays are working to my advantage.  In other ways, it might be more detrimental than I realize.  But either way, it will be hard to know for sure until it's done, and it won't be done until I'm finished with my original goals.

The goals:

1) create professional electronic and ambient music all around the American outdoor west.

2) create professional electronic and ambient music at the top of 6 American mountains in the west: Whitney, Shasta, St Helens, Adams, Hood, and Rainier.

I make that sound easy by summing it up in a couple of sentences, don't I?   ;))  But oddly enough, these tasks are still well within my reach to do.

Additionally, I don't mean to bum anyone out more than usual lol, but I just wanted to disclaim that I'm well aware of how global issues appear to be approaching a tipping point and there is a possibility that an extinction of the human species might start soon.  Yes, just a possibility, not a guarantee.  So I wanted you to know that I'm aware of it, and I'm not just sitting here blind with my art.  I'm trying to do good and make a positive difference in the world, but I don't seem to have the ability to make much of a dent.  I'm an artist, so I don't hold a skill set that would make the difference we seem to require here.  So in light of all that, screw it!  To honor our possible human extinction, and our time left on this devious and beautiful world, I'm going to continue my work, my natural means of eco-political expression, and my personal passion for life.  I hope that that's enough to help, because forcing positive change doesn't seem to work for me.  I respect activists, because they carry a skill set and a constitution that I don't, making these fights more natural for them.  Here's to that!   :)

And don't get too bummed out by what I just wrote, either.  ;))  It's because there are so many well-qualified people out there trying to make a difference that I think there is still plenty of hope.  Again, here's to them!

Beginning The Update

I'm calm again now, lol and I've gathered myself up a bit from all of the previous chaos with this project.  If you were reading my last few entries, you will know what I mean by chaos.  Please forgive / excuse all of my cancelled plans and performance dates during those moments.  I think I've gathered both my wits and my resources again, properly this time, so I will try to make up for all of the botched schedules now with my new-found modicum of responsibility and focus.  Haha even if just with a modicum.

I won't be attempting to broadcast live online from these locations much anymore, for the most part.  This is mainly because there weren't enough people tuning in, hardly any, and I was breaking my back trying to set things up so that I could broadcast.  Between killing myself to get to the top of mountains, and killing myself to set up for a live stream feed, and hardly anyone tuning in, it's just not worth it for more at the moment.  Perhaps I will do it again regularly some day after this project has formed some buzz, God (or whomever) willing.

Also, I think I'm finally realizing that I've been dwelling too much on my failures here, for years, way more than even sensible people would be able to find entertaining.  So to balance things out, I'm going to start gathering together video footage of some of my past triumphs, both recent and distant, and edit them into short bits to post on the internet and share with you.  It's about time I start taking responsibility and a proper inventory of the good that's been done.  I agree that that's a more interesting topic than the complications.

Further, in honor of those triumphs, and to be able to give you thorough updates and a good understanding of this 5-year project, I'm going to start treating this blog like a journal again. This will also give it the sincerity and humanistic integrity it deserves. I will write memoirs as well as current blog reports here on my music travels, and I will not hold back from those gruesome and honest details of my life and my mind that crossover into the story. 

I would also like to remind you that this is a story about attempting victory over one's own mind, as much as it is about victory over anything in the external world.  That's important.  My mind has proven a formidable adversary, more than anyone else I know, which is saying a lot. If possible, I want you to embrace this factual dynamic with me in regards to the story, and without feeling put off by it. I don't want pitty or any non-beneficial thoughts if you can skip it, but as much sympathy as you can muster would be appreciated, even if you can't relate to a single thing I'm doing.  ;))  

To enjoy and/or understand this project, you may have to understand me somewhat, so I will continue to reveal myself.  If you do decide to know me better, at all, who knows, you may find a whole new form of entertainment.  I was told once or twice that my trivial suffering is very amusing.  ;))   If that's true, then it's actually a great gift for me, the opposite being that I go through these difficulties for absolutely nothing.  Please, by all means, laugh at me if you'd like.  Laugh your butts off.  Just don't abandon me and leave me to die on a mountain alone.  ;))  (I love being dramatic.)

What exactly is all of my "trivial suffering?"  Well, as I said, practically dwarfing all of the external-world challenges of this project has been the kinks in my own personality.  Aside from being a somewhat complicated and sensitive person, I've also had to battle what it means to be an artist of my particular ilk.  

What does it mean to be an artist of my particular ilk?
1) It consists of constantly being bombarded with brilliant ideas that all persistently nag you like kids at an ice cream truck. Really. These ideas don't just fade after they hit.  They become large, living, breathing, shouting animal lifeforms from the moment they are conceived.  These ideas then demand to exist, for the rest of your life, and they even guilt trip you about it whenever someone else comes up with the same idea and acts on it.  The phenomenon is almost like a mild case of schizophrenia, the difference being that I chose to be an artist haha.  

And 2) is the self criticism and perfectionism I'm riddled with, which I adopted from the years when I was working a little more-professionally and writing music for TV.  My self-criticism and perfectionism slows all of those acted-upon ideas and endeavors down to a snail's pace. I slow down so much that I can't finish acting on most of the rest of the ideas, and that makes them nag even louder.  Haha so you see, it's a bit of a mess in there, even when I meditate regularly.  It's a miracle I'm able to crank out any worthy products at all.  These are just the things I have to deal with.  They are my truest opponents.  They are my main struggle and story: my own thoughts and personal mechanisms during achievement.

However, it's obviously not all apocalyptic.  When I do crank out a great product or project, it makes it all worth while.  And when I get a fan who says I changed his/her life, or who tells me that even their children are fans of my work, it's a feeling I wouldn't trade.  I just wouldn't.

I'm also going to start off this overall update by saying that life is good, in general. It's good under the overall circumstances--and I know you know what I mean. No matter what tribulations or obstacles happen, they are petty here in North American Paradise, no sarcasm intended. We have a life here that the international majority pines away for. For any multicultural enthusiasts whom I offend with that statement, I'm not trying to take away from the value of other countries or cultures. That should be obvious. I'm a world traveller who prefers to travel without the amenities of modern domesticated life, so don't mistake me for someone else. But I am simply stating a fact that %10 of the global population would agree to; that the US is a clean, 1st world land of opportunity, compared to most. (I invite you to look up that statistic if you're having a hard time with it for any reason.) I experience trials and tribulations in my US life, and during this US project, but on reflection, it's just trouble in paradise.  I have immense talent, revolutionary-grade ideas, good health, a surprising amount of youth left (when I consider the energy and nimbleness I still possess, enough to still kick lots of people's asses LOL), a loving family, some loving friends and enough funding to carry out a couple of worthy whims. The blood, sweat and tears I show is merely a confirmation that I am alive and kicking.  And something is going to happen, because I have no plans to quite. It's that simple, and deep down, it's still pretty exciting. 

Tough-Love-Style Portion Of The Update

As far as the rest, being honest: here is something I've had to hold back from wanting to post a lot about on all of my social networks, but held back knowing how little good it would do. Action is the only thing that changes the world. However, throughout history, the vulnerable act of expressing certain inapplicable and intangible concepts, that weren't in demand or asked for in any way, has often proven even more useful than actual tangible or physical tools and commodities.  So, I offer mine to you yet again in that tradition.  

If any artists out there are reading this, perhaps you can relate to what I'm about to say. For almost 20 years now I've had ideas and abilities that have potential to be revolutionary, not just in music but in many areas, if I had just done something, ANYTHING with them. And take a guess as to why I didn't do something with them... that's right, the amount of my ideas was far too overwhelming. If you couple that with an additional amount of fear-of-success, and even a fear of acceptance (haha a total contradiction in me), then you get--absolutely nothing! Not only that, but you get to sit around for years and eventually watch other people come up with your ideas, and get praised as revolutionaries for it. Luckily, I am a good enough artist that, through the years, whenever I saw this happen, I just came up with more revolutionary ideas. But eventually people think of those as well. We are talking about 20 years here. I've accumulated so many of these ideas acted upon by others that I feel like I'm living in a world that I dreamt up all by myself.  That's how absurd this has gotten to me.  

But hey, that's just the ether.  The cosmic consciousness is real; it simply means our general global Earth consciousness (biologically, psychologically and scientifically speaking) is all evolving at the same time, so we all just stumble onto the same ideas sooner or later.  Artists are more susceptible to this because they are in the mode of manufacturing ideas more often than others.  Yet, somehow, it's still never that easy to see someone else act on an idea I came up with, too.  It just hurts for some reason, and I've been artistically heart-broken many times over by now.  It's become a familiar phenomenon, to the point of living and thriving in my own future, a world I created with my own imagination and yet get none of the credit for.

And YES, I know there are some of you who can relate to this. It is actually a very common thing with artists; we are simply creative minds, and those minds are always turning out things that have never been thought of before. We are addicted to creating new realities, not old ones. I know some of the artists reading this are likely thinking to themselves "Yep. Very good Dean. I let go of caring about that years ago. I've got a family to take care of and priorities to tend to now. THAT'S reality.  Screw imagination." Well sorry folks, but I do care about this, and I believe you should still consider it a priority, too, as much as you would your own true happiness. Perhaps you have been heartbroken by your lack of action for your ideas so many times that you finally just accepted your undesirable roll and fate. Perhaps, like me, you have watched yourself become one of the worlds abandoned underground nuclear arsenal's, capable of great destruction to the worlds conventions, but ending up waiting for the world to die instead, and thus to be buried in a silo turned unintended tomb for your shell of a body (metaphorically speaking of course). If you've experienced what I've experienced with this, you won't consider what I'm saying overly poetic. The experience is exactly how it reads. 

And well, guess what? In case this hasn't dawned on you yet, in all of your infinite awareness and talent, your ideas and philosophies aren't doing anyone any good, not even you, by just rotting in the silo of your mind. They simply fester and wither and then vanish, as though they never existed inside of you in the first place. The poet Lanston Huges made a beautiful dedication to this phenomenon with his poem "A Dream Deferred," however, as beautiful a sentiment as it is, in my experience, dreams rarely explode in the end.  They just wither and die; only that part of the poem is true.  I don't mean to be gloomy, just truthful, and I make no apologies for it, because this is your true fate if you sit there and except letting go of your potential.  Bottom line.  Sorry, but it's not up to me, and I don't make the rules.  So, you will have to excuse me if the last thing I want to hear from any of you is "Dude, learn to live with it and don't take it so seriously. Let go of trying to change the world with your 'revolutionary' ideas. None of us can live to our potential, because that's just the human race, man." If festering and weathering and vanishing is the human race, count me out. I would rather be either subhuman or superhuman, and die fighting to amount to more then just an undesirable fate, with or without fame. I will be going out on a limb here, big time, because I actually don't see a point in much other than materializing my dreams.  Taking on "more-realistic" goals, enjoying leisure, starting a family, or being a contributing member of societies bad habits and uncultured demands are only secondary, if anything, to making one's dreams come true in order to achieve true happiness--if you are an artist.  ;))

Again, I don't mean to be harsh.  I'm just being as real as possible about this.  And believe it or not, I've been just as guilty as anyone else I might have described above, when it comes to avoiding my true potential.  So please, consider this an attempted rouse before than anything else.

And yes, basically, I want to ask for your support as much as possible now. As much open-mindedness and acceptance as you can muster will be something I am internally grateful for. I'm going to show you sides of my ability that you never knew I had, and unfortunately if you are thinking to yourselves "I thought he was just a musician" then you will miss out on more than my powers of description could do justice to.  If you think such a thing, you will probably also think to yourselves "this isn't what he should be doing" the very next minute, which would be a travesty. Not only would you be missing out on great things and limiting your own growth, but you would be limiting me as well.  That would not be something to be proud of when looking back on.  Please don't force me to have to be braver than I already am without the support of many.  Be supportive.  :)  Make it easier for me to make this transition, not harder. This is not the movie "Whiplash" and I'm not a student in school. I'm an artist making a transition and I need as much encouragement as you can muster. I've been waiting for myself to take action for years, and I think the moment has finally arrived. 

Hey, if there's no hope for me living out my great ideas later in life, then there's definitely little hope for most people doing it in youth. This especially goes for young people who might be reading this and thinking that they are going to do great things with their life ahead.  Most of you will never lift a finger, for reasons beyond your control.  If I don't do something with my life at this age, none of you ever will, and I hope you understand that connection.  All of the indications of that likelihood are there.  It's an age-old story.  So please, friggin' root for me to succeed.  I'm you, later on.

Main Portion Of Update:

My last entry was just before last Christmas, when I planned on driving a little ways north to Reno and would broadcast live electronic music from a few different locations along the way. At the last minute I discovered I could not take those travels because I received the wrong information from the DMV about my driving privileges. I'm going to be totally honest here. The reason I didn't have my driving privileges yet was because I was at the tail end of a DUI penalization. This was my first DUI ever, and I received it in 2013. I had brought my laptop to a friend's jam session party in Rancho Cucamonga, and I was plastered on whiskey, and while I was jamming I somehow spilled beer on my laptop. I use the laptop for all of my productions. Totally freaking out, I decided to leave the party against the better wishes of my friends. When the cops put their siren on it actually woke me up, and I was on my way right off of the highway. They might've saved my life. The last time that happened I didn't crash my car, it's spun over and it was totaled. This was only a year prior. I was due for a forced change in life, so the DUI was appropriate. The truth is, I had been driving drunk successfully for 20 years before that, and had been lucky enough never to of gotten into an accident. I even got stopped a couple of times, and was actually so good at talking my way out of things while drunk that cops let me go those few times. I was tempting fate in a big way, and I'm glad they caught up to me in as harmless away as a DUI. 

Now not only do I never drive drunk, but I rarely drink. However, when I do start back on the road again, with complete abandon as I once did, I only pray that nothing weird happens. I wish I could specify more than that, but it's really hard to. The life of what is essentially a chameleon on the road, has many ups and downs and side turns. This will go especially when I am spending a lot of time on Indian reservations and Nations again. It is not an easy lifestyle to gauge or take precautions in sometimes. I will do my best, but sometimes when you happen to do sh-t, sh-t happens. 

Aside from the DUI, I've had a lot of drama come and go, both artistic and personal. Over the last two years I started a band that was long overdue, the re-formation of my jazz band the Stratos ensemble. The reason I say it was overdue is because I started out a real musician and have been deprived of the invaluable fulfillment of live playing for many years, ever since becoming an electronic music recording artist. I simply had to satisfy that itch because I was starving for it. I couldn't let another year go by for it. But, after all of the great work I did with that band, it then disbanded at the end of last year against my wishes, and I have been very slowly reforming it again. They left me with a lot of well recorded music that I am trying to mix into our first album. When I finish it, there will be very few people left around to celebrate that with. This is sad, but it will have to be the case. I also decided to help an artist friend who seemed to be in need. He was a new friend, but I loved him all the same. His music and his band was suffering from lack of decent production, and he was a veteran artist from the progressive rock scene in the 70s, so I felt compelled. He was about to invest a lot of money to promote something I didn't think would yield the results he wanted, so I decided to jump to his proverbial rescue. I remixed one of the tracks for his CD, I performed with his band on the radio as the keyboard player, I edited his main music video, and I mixed and coproduced a cover song he/they did that got a lot of exposure. 

I'm just talking about it here to let you know that I've made sacrifices against this travel project, ones that I wish I could report paid off or were more important. On reflection, compared to this travel project, they were mere mistakes. Oh well, I'm still alive and quite fit for everything, so I won't dwell on that part too much either. I also had a close friend pass away last summer, and I helped his family with the adjustment instead of attempting Mount Whitney. By the time I attempted the mountain, it was too cold and late in the season to be successful. I've had drama in my personal life as well, but whatever. Just account for those millimeters. And/but perhaps the one thing that really has been an obstacle is my growing apathy and, in a way, hopelessness about all my project, including this one. 

A depression grabbed a hold of me over the last four years, slowing me and my process down considerably. This slowing has even crept into my actual personality, making me more shy and even less witty in general. That is something considered a major taboo for men in this country, so I really should fix it quick now. For some reason, only women are the socially except the bull group for these traits. No one likes a man who keeps to himself. It has been a crutch. Those first two years of this project, 2010 and 2011, I had spent all that time traveling the country and sacrificing my health and money only to reach the top of one mountain and record at merely a third of the locations around the country that I had planned on. Those two years set the mood for the years that were to follow. By 2012 I was simply trying to finish two record contracts, for DIN records and spotted peccary records, that I owed music on, as well as the fadeless flows records relaunch that I had been promising my Fanbase for almost 5 years prior. My failures of those two previous years of the travel project had now affected my current 2012 confidence to the point where my creative process has begun to slow to a snails pace. It has now taken me three more years to finish even one of those albums. 

Here's the part I am happy to report. I don't mean to make it sound as though I've done nothing for this project over the last three years. In my usual pessimistic style, I could explain the following as being pathetic and Meeker progress with little reward, but for some reason I don't think of it that way and it doesn't feel that way. The truth is I have made progress. I have recorded at the rim of the Grand Canyon, the Salton Sea, Owl Canyon outside of Barstow, Red rock canyon outside of Mohave, Joshua tree, the San Gabriel Mountains, Big Bear Lake, Owens Valley Lake bed, the Alabama Hills, Lake Tahoe, Mono Lake, death Valley, and The shores of Malibu. I made an attempt to climb Mount Whitney, and I broadcasted myself making this music live from two of the locations just mentioned. I think it's safe to say that this project has been ongoing. It has not stopped. And there have been some tryouts in there enough to feel OK. I've even had a couple of name recording artists join me for a few of these locations, who are friends of mine. There is of course just one problem: none of these locations that I've recorded at mean anything until I edit the music and video into something. I don't think I will be finishing my big documentary about this anytime soon unfortunately, so I will need to finish a bunch of little videos in order for any of the stuff to mean anything anytime soon. Perhaps I can do it quickly, or devise a system for it, but I will need to edit each recorded location into a short film if it is going to mean anything at all. Between all of the other things I am trying to finish, doing those does not seem realistic at this point. But like I said, I will have to cut at least some of these videos if this travel project is going to mean anything anymore at this point. So look for those. I will try to post mention of them here on this blog every time I finish one. I will try to post mention of anything I finish regarding this project. 

Memoirs soon to come: And stay posted here for the memoirs about my past travels with this project. I promise you, they will definitely be entertaining at the very least. Some stuff went down during those first two years, 2010 and 2011, which can only really be expressed through the careful process of writing. The most important part right now: So here's the deal, with the remains of this years summer, September, I am about to attempt to mountains. I will climb to the rim of Mount Saint Helens and I will climb to the top of Mount Shasta. The reason I did not attempt more cascade Mountains this year was because the Rangers in the Pacific Northwest told me that this year has been kind of a drought up there. They said the danger of rockfall and open crevices has been unparalleled up there right now, because there has not been snow or rain fall to the usual degree. This is funny because down here in the Southland we had our best year of rain in many years, albeit still not solving our drought problem. I try not to get political on my sites, but I have to say, I really hope we are wrong about the seriousness of global warming her, because it's looking like we are not wrong about that right now. I would absolutely love to be wrong about it. Anyway, because the Rangers told me about the drought this year, I skipped climbing most of those dangerous glacial peaks. And with that extra time I went to visit my family on the East Coast through August. I even recorded at a few locations while there: One was at Montauk point (The edge of Long Island), The other was on my grandmother's old Street in the Hamptons, another was at the top of the Empire State building, another was on the subway, and another was in the plane on the way back to LA. As cool as a couple of those locations were, I am not sure that the footage came out well enough to turn any of those into little videos. So perhaps if nothing else they were just cool extra locations to have done. And I have some cool extra on the tracks to show for it. A couple of the many I'll be in tracks I created there came out pretty well, and one of them was even used as part of the score for a planetarium show in Los Angeles, while I was still in New York. That part of New York, Long Island, makes me think of the years when I was discovering the electronic music of tangerine dream. Those discoveries changed my life, and I link a lot of those memories in with Long Island. In honor of that, I downloaded a great soft since for the music of the trip. The seventh is one that tangerine dream used during the years that influenced me the most, the early 80s. It's called the PPG wave. After downloading the PPG, I used it pretty much for everything on the trip. This yielded a tangerine dream sound more than usual for me. Again, perhaps I will use that music at some point, for something. But in the meantime, while in New York, I just posted the Ambien tracks up for free download, making them of available to the public for a short time. Sorry if you missed it. Are usually post short bits of progress on Facebook while I'm on these trips, so it would be a good habit to check on those walls as often as possible if this is something you are interested in. My Facebook walls are the most updated walls of my life. Continuing on, to tie this up, yes, I will be attempting those mountains in a couple of days. So I will probably drop Contakt here either until after the first mountain summit, or after my entire excursion between both mountains. I may even try to throw in the top of Mount Whitney towards the end, so that would extend my trip as well. If you don't hear from me for close to a month, that will be why. You will definitely hear from me when I am back from those attempts. This should be towards the end of September sometime. And yes, I don't want to get back to late, because I am going to attempt to visit my friends at the Navajo nation again in the middle of fall. I am long overdue to continue my adventures with them, and I don't want to let it go yet another year. Let's hope I can get everything done this year that I need to, so that I can revisit them and that experience this year. More later. And keep your fingers crossed for me about the two, possibly three mountain peaks I'm about to conquer. :-) P.S. And again, you will start to see memoir entries on this blog pretty soon. They will be the most entertaining by far, and I will title them according to the number of each memoir so that you know what it is and can prioritize it to suit.

Below are some guiding words that I've gravitated to during the many dark days and hours of this project.  These words were written both by powerful people I know, and by famous strangers:


"I've been writing a piece about what motivates us to create anything beyond the food and shelter we need to survive this life. Creation never makes sense, Dean. It is driven into being by a life force that is hardly ever validated by the elements that challenge survival. For some, a life of routine, but one filled with security, is enough. For artists, who are driven to create, life is not being lived when we are not swimming in the deep waters of our souls. Down in those places, often hidden from the rest, we squirm to understand our insanity and try our best to play the part of ordinary people who fit into an understandable paradigm. But we don't. And we know it. Most of the time, we journey in utter alone-ness to the places we are driven to go. You can suffer the indignity of feeling disenfranchised from the "normals." I know it's difficult to stay the course when the insanity creeps in and begins telling lies about the worth of your creation and of you, as a person. Don't listen, Dean. Listen to your heart instead. It is perfectly suited to guide you to where you want to be. Let your heart guide you, let your intellect mastermind the construction. Let your soul fill it with love. And let your friends remind you of who you are. Build it.... and they will come........... really." 

-Staci Emerson

"Hi Dean,

Sorry to hear of your ordeals. RE: your question of your blog readers, I think my answer is kind of two-fold:

I almost always feel that when something is really calling you, then you've gotta do it. Life is too short to spend time trying to conform to someone else's standards. So, YES you are worthy of both endeavors (art/music vs. travel).

My other answer is perhaps more selfish. But since I know you for your music, I would almost rather have you in the studio making more music … and maybe even persuading Spotted Peccary or another label to release another album of yours.

But in the final analysis, this is just a 'standard' or mental construct of mine. I think you've gotta do your Summit project & related travels. You are destined… ;-)

Steve Davis
Associate Producer

Famous Strangers:

"If you stand up and be counted, from time to time you may get yourself knocked down. But remember this: A man flattened by an opponent can get up again. A man flattened by conformity stays down for good."

— Thomas J. Watson, Jr.

"Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success."
— Dale Carnegie

"Failure is often that early morning hour of darkness which precedes the dawning of the day of success."
— Leigh Mitchell Hodges

"No is a word on your path to Yes. Don't give up too soon. Not even if well-meaning parents, relatives, friends, and colleagues tell you to get a real job. Your dreams are your real job"
— Joyce Spizer

"It's always too soon to quit."
— Norman Vincent Peale

"All the adversity I've had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me... You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you."
— Walt Disney

"No great thing is created suddenly."
— Epictetus

Monday, December 29, 2014

A Farewell To Holidays 2014

To feed this project further, tomorrow, Dec 30th, I will attempt a mid-winter broadcast of live music from the mountains of Big Bear, California. It will be my last broadcast of live music during the holidays, if you count my recent broadcasts of live piano impressions/improvisations.  However, tomorrow's broadcast will not involve music of my own, primarily.

Many don't know this about me but I was a DJ of alternative electronic music at clubs and events in-and-around LA in the early 2000s. For fun over the last 5 years I've also occasionally mixed together my own DJ sets from outdoor locations and even in transit while driving as a passenger and the like.  Well, I'm going to finally start broadcasting these DJ mix sets during my travels as well, starting with a really wild experiment tomorrow.  Read my SN posts about it, as follows:

Tomorrow, Dec 30th, I will try something new; I will broadcast a DJ-mix-set that combines internet radio stations as they stream live from different players. Yes you will basically hear radio stations mixed together, as strategically as possible. It's as wild as it sounds, but still comes across intentional. It will be an audio/video broadcast, so you will be able to watch the computer-screen activity as the stations are mixed together, and even see most of the artist's names on-screen as their tracks play and combine.

Join me (Dean De Benedictis) as I try this strange new form of simulcasting. Did this for myself a few times in 2009, and now bringing it to you as a simulcast.

Additionally this will happen outdoors in the mountains of Big Bear, California. You will see my location on-screen through the cam view on the left, hence the visual aspect of the broadcast.

Most of the stations used will specialize in classical, acoustic and ambient, but other genres will be occasionally mixed in. The idea is to provide a calming, alternative, electro-acoustic winter esthetic using an experimental method that joins the efforts of multiple DJs all at once. The radio stations layer together to form an alternate piece of music. Catch it.

A shot I took in 94, west of Portola, CA

Because of mobile-signal instability, an exact time cannot be given, but it's guaranteed to happen sometime between 2pm and sunset, Pacific. This should give you some slack-time to catch any part of it. It will last anywhere from 1:30-3 hours if I get a strong signal.  Look for the announcement here the moment we are live.

Page for the broadcast:

Facebook page for announcements the moment I'm live:

Monday, December 22, 2014



I just got news this morning that my license has been suspended due to a miscommunication on a prior conviction years ago.  Unbelievable--almost.  So now the entire Reno trip is postponed for a month, including my performance with Bruce Licher at Mono Lake.  He's already been notified and is fine with it. I can't postpone the holidays so I will probably have to wait a year to do that part, but I won't wait a year to take this same kind of trip to Reno in Mid-to-late January of 2015.  So just give me a month, and stay posted for that because I will keep all you guys posted on every detail. 

I'm really sorry about this, and to anyone who might be disappointed again, including myself.  Yes this would have been a super cool winter music environment for everyone to check out during these holidays, but I PROMISE to do it next year (God/luck willing).  And I promise to still carry out a version of this same trip in roughly a month's time.  It won't be quite the same, but it will be close enough.  

Also I might still broadcast a couple of performances over the holidays from a couple of different locations in-and-around LA and/or the LA mountains with friends (since they will be doing the driving lol).  Let you know.

And I would say that I'm totally embarrassed about it, but at this point I think we all know the drill.  As I've explained many times, the obstacles I face with this travel project are an un-parelleled many compared to other projects in my past or present.  Partly due to traveling and all of it's natural complications, but it's also due to the fact that I'm not just a traveller but an active artist and musician with plenty of projects to match.  All of these other projects defuse my attention, making the travel project more complicated and unstable.  I think all rational people would agree that there is very little I can do about that other than just deal with it, if in fact I want to succeed at both.  

However, I think I'm still going to take a small poll for the moment.  Not that I will let people sway my overall decision, but I think I'm just interested in getting a couple of opinions right now. So anyone reading this should feel free to contact me about it or leave comments and tell me their opinion of either of the following:  

1) Do you think I'm not much of an artist/musician right now anyway, and thus I should only be trying to finish this travel project?  2) Or do you think the travel project is a waste of my time and that my talents are better focused on other things?  3) Or do you think both endeavors are just as worthy and thus I should continue the way I've been going?  

Let me know. And just bare in mind that if I choose either one of these paths over the other, that chosen path could take years before I find the time to get back to anything else.  %100 focus on one thing means it will basically become my life and that will be it from now on. You won't know me for anything else.

You can reach me at:

Spring of next year is actually my BIG trip.  Oh Nessy it's the big o'one.  It's the Big Daddy Kain of trips baby!  It's the... okay you get it.  

It's the trip where I will be on the road for 7-8 months trying to finish all of my locations for this project.  It will be the Southwest in Spring and then the Cascade peaks in Summer.  This is for both Ambient Travels (Travels Rendered) and The Summit Music Project.  I've been setting up the trip for a long time and I've even made heavy sacrifices for it, sacrifices that were so disturbing I don't even feel right sharing them here.  I MUST take that trip.  I must get it done so I can get on with the rest of my life.  Getting stopped with a first offense suspension by leaving right now could actually throw everything into many more months of chaos and dysfunctionality, thereby completely ruining my chances for the trip in Spring.  Not an option for me.

I may be kind of a screw up at this point, sure, whatever, but bear with me before I agree to being the winner and guest of honor at the National Looser Of The Year Awards held in Where-We-Go-To-Die, Idaho.  (even though I love Idaho)

But again, I will indeed take this same trip to Reno in late January of 2015, a month away.  This will happen.  So please look for that and please join me.

So, more here soon.  Keep you posted.  Promise!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Season's Travels And Atmospheres

-Read to the bottom because the most important stuff is down there.-

Pyramid Lake, NV.

In the winter of 2009 when I started the traveling portion of this project, it was a short trip to Reno, Nevada, to visit my mother.  I had recently bought my first laptop, equipped with Ableton and Reaktor software and a couple of synth cracks.  I travelled through the Sierras to get there, on the 395 highway route - one of my favorite routes in the entire country if not my favorite.  I made ambient music at different locations along the way, as well as some of my favorite areas around Reno itself.

Reno is actually a place I partly grew up in because my mother has lived there since the 80s.  I eventually became a traveller, so I eventually got to know the country in and around that city, which is far more interesting territory than the general public is aware of.

Reno is located in a large valley that separates the Sierra mountains from the Basin desert.  With this in mind, it's a given that some amazing outdoor places would naturally be found around there.  Many of them--I found.

Reno. Photo not by me.

Unfortunately for the public, Reno and Tahoe is also known for being only a "smaller version of Las Vegas," which is seen as a decadent, "scummy" town where adults go to purge their repressed desire for sin, or whatever.  I never bought into that way of approaching the two towns.  Those cities have as much "sin" going on as any other town, and everyone knows that.

What no one ever really thinks about is the fact that both Reno and Vegas are located smack dab in the middle of a vast desert wilderness, a wilderness that would be considered wondrous if those two supposedly lecherous and sinful towns weren't there to confuse the situation.  And again, the confusion over those cities is just an established stereotype because of the mafia, the old west, and etc.. It's really not as horrible a place as our culture and history tends to brand it.

Reno. Photo not by me.

Personally, I love both of those towns not because they are at the forefront of culture and progress - which they aren't even close to - but simply for the sake that they are both huge oasis's of comfort in the middle of baron wilderness.  That is actually a good thing to me, as much of an environmentalist as I am.  I'm not hypocritical in that I completely blame civilization for pollution and then live my life on the grid, taking advantage of all of it's comforts on a daily basis.  That's not my style.  I try to preserve the environment and yet appreciate civilization and some of it's development for the good it has to offer.  I am pro-environmental where I think it is a necessity--which unfortunately still happens often.  But I can say this, there is nothing more decadent about Reno or Vegas than there is about Los Angeles or New York; they are both huge metropolitan meccas that consume to the extent that any ant colony would, and sin just the same.

Mammoth along route 395. Photo not by me.

Back to the story: during that first music trip I took in 2009 to Reno/Tahoe, I had recorded lots of cool ambient music, and filmed it.  To my misfortune, as some of you already know, there was a car theft in 2010 where my car was broken into while I was gone and all of my footage and some of my music was taken.  Long story that I'll get to in future posts.  But the short part is that my footage from that trip had been completely stolen, and this include pretty much everything from both that year and the year before it.  This even included my first Reno trip.

Because of that, I'm going to relive the entire trip again, right now.  I'm on my way out the door to take my favorite 395 route through the Sierras and film music creation along the way as well as in-and-around Reno when I get there.  Only this time it will be for the winter holidays, which is one of the best times to be doing this.  Reno/Tahoe and the 395 are basically like friggin' magic during the holidays, and all of the great precipitation we've been getting this year (finally) will allow for great winter landscapes.

The entire trip should take close to a week, and I will perform at a different location each day.

Pyramid Lake, NV.

Most importantly, I will be broadcasting every location performance I do, LIVE, online, on Livestream.com.  This is a major addition to all of my previous locations through the years, and to my entire project in general.  So come and join me out there.  I will be broadcasting from a new location each day, and possibly even more than one place on some days.  But just bear in mind that yes, sometimes certain performances might get cancelled at the last minute, mainly due to cell-phone reception fluctuating out there the further you get away from civilization.  I will stay in contact with you guys as much as possible, but sometimes I will drop from contact unexpected simply because of the signal issue.  Sorry in advance.  And I believe this is a small price to pay for such a great music novelty.  :)

The event page to tune into these on-location performances will be here:

Check it daily.  Or to see notices whenever I am live, you can either like my facebook page, or join Livestream and follow me there.

My Facebook page:

Lastly, here is something to really take note of: tomorrow, Monday Dec 22nd, I'll kick off the entire trip with something extremely cool.  I will be performing twice tomorrow, and the second of the two performances will be the important one.  I will be performing a set of live ambient music at Mono Lake, in the mid afternoon, accompanied by musician Bruce Licher, ex-guitar player for the post punk band Savage Republic and the band Scenic.  Bruce already lives in the town of Bishop (nearby in Owens Valley) so I contacted him and he was all about it.  He and I were close friends with ambient music legend Barry Craig (A Produce), so we will probably dedicate our set to him.  It will be roughly an hour of improvised lush ambient music with gothic-ish space guitar--perfect for the area and the cold time of year. Try to check this one out.  Unfortunately I won't be able to give you exact times for any of these performances, due to weather, road conditions, location conditions and constant equipment adjustments.  But like I said, you can either like my facebook page to get posts whenever I'm live, or join Livestream and follow me there.

The event page to tune into these on-location performances will be here:

My Facebook page:

And/but yes, you should probably join my Livestream page if possible because I may not get a chance to update this blog after each location I do during the trip.

Mono Lake, CA, in a photo I took for one of my albums.

Also, I will probably do a short 20-30 minute set of live ambient music at the crack of dawn tomorrow, 7-ish am, Pacific Standard time, at Red Rock Canyon State Park, a really amazing little canyon I've known about all my life.  This one is far less guaranteed because I won't know if I can get a signal there until the morning.  If I can, I will broadcast some music.  If not, then just tune in in the afternoon for live ambient music at Mono Lake

So here is my rough itinerary for the entire next week, provided I get a signal in each of these places:


22nd - Red Rock, then Mono Lake, then possibly Mammoth

23rd - Bodi Ghost Town, then Bridgeport Northern Sierras

24th - Virginia City Ghost Town, then Downtown Tahoe or Reno

25th - Virginia Lake, Reno, then possibly Lake Tahoe overlook

26th - possibly Lake Tahoe overlook, then Squaw Valley or Heavenly

27th - Pyramid Lake Desert

28th - Donner Pass, near Donner Lake

At least half or more of these locations proves to be a successful performance, so I'm pretty excited. Join me.

And happy holidays / winter season / end of the year / whatever your poison.   ;))


(Some of Bruce Licher's past projects...)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Last Notes From Whitney 2014 -- And The FIRST DESERT BROADCASTS

The Mt. Whitney web cam this morning, Nov 19th, taken from my laptop in my bedroom.

Hello everyone,

I've returned, for the moment, from my Mt. Whitney attempt the other day and am happy to be back.  The attempt was indeed another failed one, but as always I'm still determined to succeed, and I will.  Even more importantly, I somehow salvaged the week by then initiating my very first successful live ambient music broadcasts from the deserts near Whitney in the days that followed the summit attempt.  Not sure how many of you are aware of this but, that was a MAJOR victory in-and-of itself.  Basically, no one else has ever done it.  So I'm now going to update you on what went down during that little 1-week excursion by pasting all of my facebook posts here that were posted to all of my friends and fans during the trip.  They explain what happened even better than if I tried to recall everything right here, after the fact.

The posts are below and will go in chronological order, from top to bottom, each one dated at it's header.  If you haven't read them yet, try to read them to the bottom because the last post has my next goal for this project.  I won't post anymore blog entries until after that.

(The following paragraph was applicable before January of 2015) Also, to see and here all of the successful broadcasts I made from out there over the last week, just visit the same Whitney event page that I started with, here https://new.livestream.com/DeanDeBenedictisRelatedEvents/LiveOnMtWhitney.  They are all there, listed as players from the most recent broadcast down to the first one.  Just click play on any of them, but remember it was only the last 3 sessions (the first 3 listed at the top of the page) that involved successfully performed ambient music on location.  And most of the music is towards the end of each broadcast.

And to hear a slightly-edited copy of the music I performed and recorded during my first successful broadcast, out in the Alabama Hills of Mt. Whitney, check out this Soundcloud link.  You can even visit the page and download the track/piece for free, until I decide what else to do with it. Click the download icon.  High quality mp3.

Lastly, I'd like to ask you again to please continue showing faith, enthusiasm and encouragement towards this project, and even interest if you can, regardless of the multitude of failed summit attempts I've had in the Cascade and Sierra mountain ranges.  This project really isn't easy to do, and it's about more than just those mountains.  It's even about more than an individual's determination.  It involves music creation in places where people have never imagined creating it, let alone actually doing it. That is the meaning of this project, not just famous mountains. The plan was always to do this in lots of cool locations, some of which have absolutely nothing to do with mountains.  This project was always intended to be greater than something based in any one type of location.  It's something that melds art, philosophy and adventure as well as other inherent qualities that naturally cross.

If you are looking to simply follow climbers who conquer/climb/surmount famous mountains, there are people and blogs that would be far more suitable.  Here are a couple of links to them.  If they interest you more than what I'm doing, then I encourage you to stop wasting your time with me and hit them up: http://www.andyonthemountain.com and http://englishdailaojeda.blogspot.com/2011/05/9a-and-9b-for-chris-in-same-day.html and http://climbhigh.edublogs.org and https://www.rmiguides.com/blog/location/13/mount_rainier.

But I would definitely love it if you decide that what I'm doing here, not just on mountains but all over the country, is intriguing enough to stick with and follow.  In some form, somehow, it's breaking new ground, and I would love it if you joined me.

Okay, so my Facebook posts over the last week's adventures are below, chronologically from top to bottom.  The top one is the first post of the trip, and the bottom one is what I entered on returning the day before yesterday.


So, that big storm is gone and all of my prep for colder-weather-than-originally-planned is done. I'm already on my way to Lone Pine so it looks like this will probably go down; in two days I will likely be making live ambient music at the top of Mt. Whitney and broadcasting it online for you to check out. Join me for this special experiment on Livestream.com. It will be in early afternoon sometime this coming Wednesday, November 12th. The link to see and hear the Livestream broadcast is below. You don't have to be a member, just go to the page and if I'm broadcasting you will see it. Will start around 1pm Pacific and go for a couple of hours or more, depending on how much I'm diggin' the vibes, or if brutal Whitney kicks me the heck off the mountain.

Also I may broadcast part of the climb as well, which will be sometime mid-day tomorrow - Tuesday. Check the Livestream page at that time and I'll post about it here also.
If nothing else, don't miss the performance at the summit on early afternoon Wednesday. I will post continuous updates here on Facebook, so if I get up the mountain and I have to turn back for any reason, you will be alerted about the cancellation right there on the spot. But it really does look like a GO this time so let's be hopeful. See you up there! (So to speak)
The page where you can see these broadcasts:
The blog where you can read about it, with a brand new entry:


Okay folks, I'm live right now on live stream to broadcast some of my Mt. Whitney climb during sunset. Wait exactly 1 minute and then Go to the following link and hit play on the top player you see appear, not the two or three below that. The first thing you see on this player will be my shoe,by hat will indicate the proper feed to click on. I will pointed to my shoes and speak for a little while, so click on that one. Also letting you know in advance there may be some trouble with the connection a little bit.https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7466481/LiveOnMtWhitney

Fellow climbers like Leslie Riser were as surprised as I was by the sudden bad weather.


In about 15 minutes I will be performing and broadcasting some live ambient music from Mt. Whitney trail. It's about 2:30 pm Pacific right now.
I'm sorry about the MIA yesterday. More went wrong than I had planned on, everything from AT&T not providing the signal they had promised (main reason for my MIA), to the climate totally kicking my ass because I've been in LA far far too long. It was indeed a failed attempt and now another winter storm has rolled in so Mt. Whitney is probably off limits until next Summer. Disappointing I know but I'm getting used to that, and as long as you don't give up on me, I won't give up on it. I suppose this project is still in it's trial-and-error beta phase, but I MUST be getting close to victory. There's just no way it can be far after having come so far already, and after having learned so much.
I want to thank all of you who have shown me and my projects undying support. You make it worth while.
To those who still "just don't get it": some of you may not take music very seriously at all. That's cool I suppose. But I take music seriously enough to risk my safety climbing a high mountain for a specific brand of inspiration. That's a good part of what this project is about.
For now:
I will find out what went wrong with AT&T's "promise" and then in a week or two I will probably try broadcasting a session from the top of Mt. Baldy or something. And in the meantime, I was able to get a signal at a low position on the Whitney trail, so I'm still here and I will broadcast some live ambient music from here in about 15 minutes. Just go to that same Whitney event page to check it out (below). It will probably only last about an hour. (The summit would have been a few hours, according to planned, but that will have to be next year.)
to make up for this failed attempt, tomorrow I will broadcast more live ambient music, but this time from Death Valley, CA, which is on the way back from Whitney. And it will be for a good chunk of the day because I will plan on broadcasting 3 different sets from 3 different important areas of Death Valley: Devil's Playground, the dunes, and Zabrisky Point. Each set should take about an hour, at 3 different times of day, and it will be warmer--awesome.  I will make an announcement on here before each set starts, so you know to tune in. Look for that tomorrow, Friday.
AND/BUT YES for now here's the link to the ambient drone set I'm about to play in 15 min on the Whitney trial. Tune in.

They were also extremely encouraging about the project.  Most are.


Dean De Benedictis
I was seconds away from that broadcast on the mountain but once I hit the LIVE button the Macbook Air crashed and said it was out of juice at %41. "That type of thing isn't supposed to happen on a Mac!!! Right?" SO aggravating, because I announced it to you minutes before that happened, with no way to alert you again, and it was suppose to be my make-up session. I think fellow hikers on the trail must have heard me screaming in anger from miles away. I could see it on some of the faces I passed as I ran down the mountain with a 50-pound pack on just to try and salvage this massive botch.
And well apparently that wouldn't have mattered anyway because I came all the way off the mountain to do a twilight session for you but I can't get a decent signal even here, and whenever I do get a signal the Livestream app doesn't fully respond to it. So the light is gone and that's it for the day. AT&T totally exaggerated the truth about their Mifi signal coverage, and Livestream's app has bugs.
Some preverbal heads are going to roll when I get back. And I'll have my revenge on all of these companies WHEN I FRIGGIN' SUCCEED!!! ;)) VENGEANCE IS MINE, COORPORATE AMERICA PEDDLING TECHNOLOGY THAT I USE TO ENRICH MY LIFE!!!! ;))
Meantime my apologies yet again. I feel like I've lost almost all of my followers over stuff like this through the years, and now maybe even the few remaining ones I had left. This project is already hard enough for people to understand without all of the failure, so this is definitely one of the lowest points in it's history, and probably mine for that matter.
But hey yeah sure, I'll shake it off and move on and try to earn more followers as I progress. It just really really really scares me when something like this happens after I've advertised it to more than 10,000 people. That's right, more than 10. And I ask you, what else was I supposed to do? Climb Mt. Whitney just to test the equipment before I advertised it, and then climb it again? I had to come out here and try, it's the only way to trial-and-error this thing into existence. It's THE FIRST TIME ANYONE HAS EVER ATTEMPTED TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS.
And I just want to remind you again, this is the type of production that most people would never attempt without an entire team. If I could afford one, time OR money wise, I would do it.
Please just have faith. That's all I ask. I'll get this web channel rolling, from the summits as well. I promise that, and the reason I promise is because I will die trying if I have to, so there really is no reason why it shouldn't eventually happen under those circumstances.
Right now I'm going to go into Lone Pine and figure out if I can fix this signal problem before tomorrow in Death Valley. If I can't, I will let you know by tomorrow morning because I'm going to drive into Death Valley tonight JUST TO TEST THE DAMN SIGNAL!!!! If it works, than tomorrow you will see and hear all of this aggravation instantly turn into fun and the sharing of meaningful artistic solitude. I promise you, that's all I've been seeking from this in the first place. Talk soon.


Okay so here's the deal:
I spent all day today driving around the extremely massive Death Valley, trying to get a signal at any of the popular locations of interest here, but I couldn't get a single one. I tried the Dunes, Zabriskie Point, Devil's Golfcourse and Badwater. Nothing. AT&T was basically pulling my chain. Mifi is simply a cell-phone hotspot modem, which they had told me was something better.
The only parts of the park that had a signal were two random hotspots during the drive. I finally tried to salvage the day by broadcasting from one of those two hotspots, hiking to a mini canyon by the road, but I couldn't get Livestream to work in time for twilight because the signal was too weak. My apologies to anyone who might have been tuning into my rage when I was trying to troubleshoot. ;)) I kind of flipped out a bit, ;)) yet again. ;)) And well, it turned out that that one was mostly my error. ;)) Whoops. I didn't realize I was supposed to downgrade my quality to the lowest setting when trying to transmit from this remote a location. I figured it out too late.
Sorry again about the whole mix up. But again most of this wasn't me. Aside from the fact that all of my software flipped out on me as soon as it felt clean alpine air, the signal issue was a bit of a sham. Unfortunately I suppose we aren't quite at the level of technological advancement that these big companies want us to believe we're at. They probably want our business to fund-and-thus-justify developing that technology to a point where it will finally be what they say it is--an Internet signal you can get just about anywhere but outer space. This is what they promised me, and they even showed me a map that backed it up. Now it turns out they were just trying to make another sale. I hope the money goes towards developing this product, quickly. If you look at the attached map, located on the AT&T site, you will see that the hotspot they are guaranteeing (marked in red) all the way from Lone Pine to Whitney summit is totally incorrect. This is according to my obvious experience now, which you guys are practically witnesses to. So just be aware of this if any of you are thinking of getting a hotspot mobile device. It’s no different than a cell phone, no matter what they tell you.
And/but whatever, right? Onward? Oh well? C'est la vie and shizznit? It is what it is. Even though I'm still going to chew their heads off and try to get a discount for all the inconvenience and rip-off sales pitches those jerks handed me! ;))
In another sense, this is actually good news to musicians; Once people can get solid Internet absolutely everywhere, there will no longer be a need to buy music. Between sites like Youtube and Bandcamp and Soundcloud, people will have all the music they could ever need, wherever and whenever they want it, just by opening they're browser. So as much as I would love to have solid internet everywhere, thus allowing me to broadcast to you from wherever I want, I will at least relish the last little bit of value this limit holds for artists like us--a whole 20 cents a year! (just kidding, even though it's still pretty bad.)
Lastly, since I finally have this weak-signal problem licked, I'm going to attempt to broadcast to you ONE MORE TIME from the Alabama Hills tomorrow morning. The Alabama Hills are really cool rock formations outside of Lone Pine, that also include a great view of Mt. Whitney in the back. Sometime in late morning-to-midday I will climb up in there and try to broadcast an ambient session for a couple of hours for you. I feel like you guys have been so good about this that you deserve at least that. Look for it. I will post a notice on here once it's up-and-running-FOR-SURE-ONLY.
So, originally I was actually going to head back up the trail to Whitney summit tomorrow and attempt it again, because even though the weather is colder now the next three days are supposed to be clear. But I'm realizing there's no point in putting myself through that until a broadcasting pattern is completely handled and established with this rig. I think I'm just going to get used to doing this decently before tackling something kind of dangerous like Whitney with it. Let's just make sure these broadcasts are working at all first.
Look for my notice about the Alabama Hills tomorrow morning. I will alert you when I'm live----and this time I won't bother you until I'm positive that I REALLY AM live. Really. ;))

Badwater at Death Valley, where I did create some music but didn't broadcast it.  Wasn't sure when I would make it back there so I made some there and at Devil's Golf Course.


OKAY EVERYONE: go to the following url right now and experience some live ambient music at the Alabama Hills near Mt. Whitney! I'll explain more later. Will start in roughly 5 minutes and will play 2-3 hours.


At my first session in the Alabama Hills, and my first broadcast ever.

Apparently most of you couldn't get a signal during yesterday's broadcast from the Alabama Hills near Mt. Whitney. My apologies: it looks like Livestream is fairly new technology just like everything else, and their software is very very touchy with certain bandwidths. HOWEVER, I'm going to try again for you today one more time--live ambient music in the Alabama Hills. I tested the signal this morning and everything looks copasetic. All working. I will test one more time when I'm on location and then I'll let you all know once I'm sure. This broadcast will take place around noon, one more time in the Alabama Hills near Mt. Whitney, a place with expressive rock formations. Should last about an hour. Turns out that that's all the time I have on a Macbook Air when it's being worked this much. So stay tuned here for that.
Meantime if you want to check out the broadcast that most of you missed yesterday, just go to the same Whitney event page on Livestream and click the first player you see, at the top. That was how the session went down, and it was a good one, so shame you couldn't catch it. Lots of talking on it so if you want to skip that, go to the end for the music performance. Note: the talking is very faint so crank it if you want to here that part.


At my first session in the Alabama Hills, and my first broadcast ever.

Dean De Benedictis
LOL sorry for confusion, but I'm LIVE right now. Alabama Hills will have to be tomorrow. More complications but that's cool; I'm doing the dry LakeBed at Owens Valley for twilight right now. About a little less than an hour of ambience. To see and hear it, go to the following page and HIT THE PLAY BOTTON ON THE TOP PLAYER WINDOW.


Don't forget to tune in tomorrow morning sometime just after 9am for my final session out here. Then I'm going home. If you missed today, it was good, and I'm sorry for the schedule mixup but I promise you those were just beginning-phase sessions. I know I haven't kept to my schedule so far and I may seem like the boy who cried wolf now or whatever, but I just ironed out a lot of kinks that couldn't be seen before, and now I'm pretty sure I have it. You will dig it if you join me. And if it was audible from your end, you caught a good one today. These are the very first sessions I'm doing out here live, so there is simply some chaos that I can't predict. Please try to remember that. With or without Mt. Whitney, these are going to be great initiate broadcasts.


At my first session in the Alabama Hills, and my first broadcast ever.

Dean De Benedictis shared a link.
Posted by Dean De Benedictis · November 16 · Edited
Big apologies to the public for a botched Mt. Whitney attempt; I summited it before and will again soon. AND / HOWEVER over the last 2 days I've successfully broadcasted 2 live ambient music sessions from the desert just below Whitney and I will be doing one more tomorrow morning at Mobius Arch rock formation in the Alabama Hills between 9-10am Pacific. These are some of the first outdoor ambient performances I'VE EVER BROADCASTED. You should check this last one out before I pack it up and head back (for now).

The music is cinematic (kind of reminiscent of a movie score) and broadcasting it has inspired some ideas that I wouldn't otherwise think of. After two days of chaotic broadcast attempts out here (sorry about that too) I think I might finally have it down now, one last time for the month.

Tune in and see; should start between 9-10am Pacific at the below link. Will post here the moment I'm live.

Unfortunately Mt. Whitney is not an option for the moment until it warms up at the top and gets fresh snow fall. Very dangerous at this moment because it's the shoulder of winter with nothing but ice near the top and lot's of steepness. May attempt it when the snow comes but if still too cold to function may have to wait for Summer. But yeah, will be doing very cool locations before that anyway and will post about 'em.

Also doing Mt. Baldy soon outside of LA. Will post that when the time comes.

Here's the link for tomorrow morning's performance between 9-10am Pacific. "Please, Please, forget it not. I want you too remember." -Patrice Rushin (kind of)



Dean De Benedictis
I'm live at Mobius Arch Near Mt. Whitney right now for about an hour. It's an awesome view and an awesome spot. Last one for now. Go to the following link and click the player at the top to join me:


PAAA HA HA HAAAAA!!!!! Umm nice!!! Okay well, the moment the power went off earlier I had the best laugh I've had in--days?
I'm still happy with what I've done so far though, and I'm happy to be done.  Finally got a signal to post this followup just now.
I'd like to thank you all again for joining me on that small christening ambient excursion on-and-near Mt. Whitney. The next goal for this project is to do a session at Cirque Du Soleil while being suspended under a broom, 2 girls in bikinis, an elephant and a guy holding us all up with an icepick pointed down.
In all seriousness: for this particular outdoor broadcasting project my next goal will be to do a live-session-TEST with an established music friend, at Joshua Tree National Park. If you like Joshua Tree, and ambient music, you will love that performance when it happens. Give me at least a week or two to recover though.  And yes, that will be a TEST session, to finalize all of the kinks and methods so that this happens NO MORE. Arrrrr! The culprit here has been lack of new protocol as much as it's been equipment failures and mismatches. I hope to nail it all in Josh Tree with my friend, who will be along for the ride. Stay tuned for that before long. And meantime I will post one last entry about this last week on the blog, and I'll post the link here tomorrow.
Lastly, if you want to hear that great 6-minute piece I played at the Mobius Arch today, just go back to the event page and click the top player and go to the very end of the video, where I finally was able to start. And sure, lateness getting started is one of the first issues I plan on fixing for next time.