Thursday, December 24, 2015

Winter Redemption, 2015

Before I get to the main entry here, I would just like to give you my promised update about two topics of that last entry: the mouse in my car, and the videos of my performance at the top of St. Helens. 

Basically, the mouse had completely disappeared. It was sly enough to sneak it's way into my car, so obviously it was sly enough to leave whenever it wanted. It came, it saw, it conquered, and left. I almost got the sense that, because it knew that I wouldn't hurt it, it just kind of served me up in a sense, like a rapper in a hip hop contest. It made me it's little b... 

And in regards to the St. Helens video that I promised, of me performing at the top, it's coming. I had to get a couple of things out of the way first, but it's coming. Just stay post either here, or to my Facebook walls. You will see it soon. Meantime, I've posted a couple of my other latest videos here, for you to see what else I've been up to creatively.

The Entry

Some of you were good enough to stay posted and read-up last year when I was getting ready to attempt a winter rout, 395, from LA CA to Reno NV, so I could make live ambient music at points along the way. I would like to thank you for showing that support and/or curiosity.

As you may know, that trip was cancelled at the last minute due to some last minute driving restrictions. It was a preverbal bummer, because I had lined up live sessions with the likes of George Sarah and Bruce Licher from Savage Republic. After the cancellation, I had planned on following through with the plan a month later, when my driving restrictions would be lifted, but I got caught up doing work for the Stratos Ensemble in an attempt to keep those band members. As it turns out, my band members ended up leaving anyway, so I had basically postponed the trip for nothing. 

Well, I'm finally getting back out there to do the trip, and this time it's definite, because I waited until I was definitely on the road before letting you know. So here I am, right now, currently in the town of Lee Vining, near Mono Lake, writing this blog entry from my motel room with the pale glow of the evening snow caps and the violent sound of the cold winter wind outside. I'm going to do the two main locations along the 395 that I haven't done decently yet, and then I'm going to do a few locations in-and-around Reno NV. The two immediate locations along the 395 will be Mono Lake and Boddi Ghost Town, and the ones around Reno will be Lake Tahoe, Pyramid Lake, Virginia City Ghost Town and Donner Pass, among a couple of other things. It will be a ghost-town-Winter of live ambient music.

Unfortunately, Bruce Licher will no longer be joining me for my sessions here, but that's okay. I will do a thorough job this time. Also, if you remember, I had planned on broadcasting these sessions for you, live online, all along the way during that trip last year. I would love to say that I will still be doing that, but unfortunately it no longer makes sense to. The streaming service was costing me over $100 per month, and it would not even maintain a signal that could keep you all tuned in. Every time I would lose a signal out there, your streaming windows would just completely close, and I lost a lot of audience members as a result. So, rather than continue yanking you chain of sorts, and paying through the nose to do it, I've decided to just narrow things back down to the music tracks and the post-edited videos for the moment. We just aren't yet in a state of technology where wireless signals are solid enough for a production project like this to be completely live. Maybe someday soon.

I do promise to do a great job on the videos, whenever I make them. And also to make up for the stricken streaming, I will post up the music tracks for free download whenever I make something worthy of doing that. That is a new decision, and it's the least I can do to make up for everything change and/or botched. They will only be available for free download temporarily, but at least you will have that opportunity sometimes. And those same tracks will all likely be released in some form later, whether or not you get the chance to download the ones I post now.

So stand by for some of that soon.

And regarding the winter trip I'm on right now, I promise I will be able to post at least one song or one video from it within a week. Let you know which one before long.

My winter videos of recent past...

Lastly, I would like to suggest two old movies that are a good fit for the winter holiday season, one of which was exceptional for it's time.  They are Never Cry Wolf and Ms. Soffle. They were both famous film composer Mark Isham's earliest soundtracks, and Never Cry Wolf was the reason that I do what I do on the road. After I saw that movie, it changed me forever.  Give them a go. Here are two Youtube links to a couple of scenes.

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