Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Victory At Lacks!

Three days ago I got down off of Mt. Adams. Almost lost my life. I made it to the summit, but too late in the day, and after all of the time I took beta testing my internal rig for weeks, one switch was left off by accident and as a result my song was not recorded.

I've had three days to rest and now I'm heading right back up there to do it again and do it properly. As properly as possible.

Will write a more detailed report later. Have to take advantage of this decent weather.


P.S. Crazy.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Visiting Mr. Adams

I'm actually leaving for Mt. Adams today. Had to finish lots of pending sound checks and monologue writing for the top. It's really not just a music project, it's a movie, filled with philosophy and etc.

I just wanted to post this up in case people start getting worried because they haven't heard from me since my last entry.

Haven't checked any kind of email or inboxes online since my last posting because I couldn't afford to spend time on anything but getting ready and getting on the mountain. I'm ready now.

I've accounted for, and rehearsed everything, with the exception of some of the music I will make at the top. I want to leave a lot of it open to spontaneous interpretation, but to be honest, I'm really nervous about that. I hope my knack for the software and my musical skills are up to par when I arrive at the summit. I would hate to come all that way just to sound mediocre. This feels similar to how some musical performances have felt before hitting the stage. I don't like to rehearse too much, but it should be enough to where I feel confident that very little can go wrong. But still, ultimately it will be cool, and I'll try to have as much fun as I can relishing the moment.

Also, I suppose now is the time to mention this, even though I don't really feel like doing that. But: ever since this project started, there has been a fair amount of unsatisfactory attitudes towards it. These attitudes have ranged from people who complain about me not taking life seriously enough, to people thinking of this project as "no big deal," thus hardly responding at all to it at all. Most of the people who complained that "I wasn't taking life seriously enough," actually ended up being very helpful towards the project in other ways, so I would venture to say that it's the other attitude I find bothersome---people who don't really care at all.

To be honest, I, myself, don't really know how valuable this project will end up being, or how much appeal it will have to the world. What I do know, aside from how hard it is to achieve, is that it's something that's never been done before, both creatively and practically. Perhaps people may realize this after they see the footage. Or perhaps not. Perhaps it will take many years before people can see the value of what I'm doing. If this is true, then I suppose I'm prepared for that. I'm definitely no stranger to that feeling thus far in life.

So, this concludes my quick entry. ;) For some reason I felt like now was the time to write about that, as apposed to how much stranger it might sound after I got back. ;)

See you at the top,